Joe is how you want to hire! After struggling with getting a website & marketing plan developed and having hired lots of the wrong “web-hip-experts” — finding Joe is a god sent. He had a timeline and game plan to share with me so we both knew whats going on and when. Besides being very personable and fun to work with, Joe has a great team at his side.

If you’re an entrepreneur, hire him and save your dollars, nerves and get to your real business faster!

Vanessa Wiebel
CPCC, Business Coach

My vision is a world filled with people who are using their gifts and talents to serve others – and are being paid to do so.

Business Experience

I've been self-employed all my adult life. My first business was a bookkeeping service - back in the early 90's. In the 90's I also opened a courier business, and a printing company.

In the late 90's, I launched a print management company that utilized the Internet for managing and purchasing printed material.

Technical Skills

People often ask me what College I learned my web development skills...we have a good laugh when I explain they weren't even teaching this stuff yet when I was already selling services online. At that time, most people considered the Internet to be just a fad!

Communication Skills

I write website content, articles, speeches and presentations. I develop courses and workshops. I teach. With more than 16 years experience with Toastmaster International, I have taught hundreds of members leadership and communications skills that can be used each day in business and their personal life.

What this means to you if you work with me

You get ideas and suggestions from a wide variety of businesses - from a perspective of real world experience.

You get help with the technology you need to run your business: websites, mailing lists, automated emails, PayPal buttons, webinars, social media, eCommerce, etc.

You get help developing clear marketing messages through your website and marketing materials, networking introduction, presentations, etc.

I really appreciate Joe’s integrity and commitment

I really appreciate Joe’s integrity and commitment. He has a powerful drive and a big heart – a nice combo to have as a website builder and business coach, especially when you are trying to grow your business.

Carmen Daigle
Owner – Carmen's Cuisine

So why would you hire me?

The key to successful sales and marketing is to get inside the head of your buyers. To see things from their perspective, to use their language, to answer their questions and solve their problems.

We have a saying in this industry - "You can't read the label from inside your own jar". And this is why we need to turn to someone outside of our business that has a fresh perspective and new insight. You simply can't do this yourself.

I am able to give you that perspective.

I study, evaluate and review businesses 24/7. My entire work habits are built on reviewing professional service businesses to see: what works and what doesn't work.

You can work with someone who will sell you a do-it-yourself one size fits all program, you can waste hours of your time and thousands of marketing dollars trying to figure this all out yourself


You can work with someone like me who has already navigated the waters before you. I will take the time to review your business because your business is unique! I will provide you with custom tailored solutions specifically for your business.

Get a free no hassle consultation...lets talk and see if we're a good fit. If you're not sure you want to work together after we pressure.

Ready to get started? Have questions?  Contact me here.

So, as long as you're legitimate and have an actual business, I'd be delighted to help you.