Get More Clients Using Omnipresence

It’s getting harder and harder to reach people these days. Advertising that worked well a few years ago – Radio, Newsprint ads, and Yellow Pages (remember those?) – no longer get the same results.

Maybe you heard that the place to be is “online” – so you spent money on a website, built a Facebook page and even invested a few dollars with someone who promised to “fix your SEO and get you on the front page of Google.” But that didn’t work either... so now what?

Omnipresence Marketing System incorporates each of these to create a complete system that delivers results.

1. Website traffic

Bring qualified visitors to your website. If no one ever actually SEES your website, it doesn’t stand much of a chance of doing anything for your business.

2. Convert visitors to clients

You need a website that is designed to convert those visitors into customers. Your website should be a 'sales tool' not just an online brochure about your business.

3. Keep in touch system

Systems to follow up and keep in touch with the people who have visited your site. You worked hard to get them there in the first you need to make sure that they won’t forget you.

Here’s the truth. The future for sales and advertising IS Online.

81% of potential clients conduct online research before committing. - Social Times

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. - Search Engine Land

33% of customers would recommend their favorite local business via social media. - Retail Council of Canada’s MySTORE

Will an Omnipresence Marketing System really work for your business?

If you're asking yourself this question right now, it means you're smart!

  • There is no one size fits all - that is why each system I create is unique. Your business really is different.
  • You have your own unique messaging, unique market that you are targeting and your own unique price points for attracting clients.

Omnipresence Marketing

Receive a full marketing assessment. I cover exactly what you need to do in these areas:

  • Ideal Client Profile - Random acts of marketing never work. Together we profile your target market so we know how to reach them
  • Determine your core messaging - This messaging promotes your brand and attracts your target market
  • Social Media - Choose the right platform, strategy, and messaging to attract your target market
  • Social Media Advertising - When done properly this delivers your target market right to you
  • Website Optimization - Most website are just online brochures. I help determine the proper language, written copy, images and calls-to-action to convert visitors to new leads
  • PPC - Pay-per-click. When done properly this can attract potential clients to your website
  • Remarketing - A keep in touch system. Continue to reach out to people who have visited your website. It keeps you top-of-mind for when they're ready to make the purchase
  • Email Marketing - Create a keep-in-touch system sales funnel that continues to bring new AND existing clients back to your website

The essence of Omnipresence marketing is to ensure you are seen everywhere by your selected target market. Using inbound marketing techniques we dramatically increase the lead capture rate as compared to traditional marketing methods.

How does it work?

When you hire me, I perform a marketing assessment of your business. Next I use the target market profile to determine your messaging that I create for you. Next, I will go to work developing the content that will attract your target market with blogging articles, video and podcasts.

Next, I tune-up your website with the messaging we have created to stay on brand and keep your messaging focused on converting visitors to leads.

Now, we're ready to promote your brand and content marketing online using Social Media and Google to attract qualified visitors to your website.

Next, the website lead capture tools I put on your website are used to convert visitors to potential customers when they exchange their  contact information for your special offer. I also integrate tracking tools so I can continue to remarket to them after they have left your website. This way you are kept top-of-mind  with them for when they are ready to make the purchase.

Lastly, I incorporate the list building feature where I continue to provide value for you to your prospects and existing clients with emails I create to generate new sales and nurture future clients/customers.

Easy right? Sometimes you just want it done for you!

That's where I come in. I take care of the entire marketing process for you and your business. And, each month we have a meeting to review the online marketing statistics, what needs tweaking and determine what needs updating to match your businesses direction.

So what does something like this cost?

This is a premium service that must create results for my clients to be sustainable. To create a local online presence for your brand, you can expect to invest $900 - $1,500 per month depending on your industry and market competitiveness.

Are results instant? NO! It takes time to get new content indexed by Google (meaning that it will actually show up on the Internet) and to gain traction on social media to get any tangible results. The minimum engagement time is - 6 months.

Ready to get started? Have questions?  Contact me here.

Stop chasing leads and start attracting your target market.