Get a website that converts visitors to clients

Most often people think of their website as a checklist item on a task list. They simply want to get something up fast so that the World knows they're online.

After all, a website is just an online brochure, right?

90% of all business website are nothing more than online brochures. They have little or no impact for helping you get new clients.

Think about the purpose of your website

  • Someone sends you a referral. The first thing they’re going to do is look at your website.
  • Someone finds you online through a Google search or a social media post. They're going to click through to your website.

Your website is your first impression, your first contact with a potential client. What happens next depends on whether you just have an online brochure or an online sales tool for a website.

Do you want an online brochure or a website that converts people visiting your website into new clients?

When people ask me how my website development service is different from everyone else, I explain it this way:

I believe your website MUST be an online sale tool, not an online brochure that only disseminates information in one direction. Instead a properly designed and developed website will PERSUADE website visitors that choosing your services are the best choice for them.

I build websites that are sales tools. These websites are custom built with the language and the imagery that will be most effective in converting your online visitors into new clients.

1. Planning
Develop your strategy to attract and convert your ideal clients.

2. Core Messaging
Website content that persuades visitors your the best choice.

3. Development
Modern website usable across mobile devices.

4. Integration
Combines the power of your website with Omnipresence marketing.

What happens if we work together?

When I work with business owners, I like to get an overview of their business. Their sales process, how they currently get new clients, how many new clients they get each month and so on. I ask a lot of questions - Who is your ideal client? What do you want your website to do for you?

  • Once I fully understand your business and who your ideal clients are, this is where I begin to develop the strategy to attract those potential clients.
  • Next, using your ideal client profile, I develop the language and imagery that will create your core messaging. Your core messaging is what persuades and convinces those visitors that your business is the best choice.
  • With the words written and imagery chosen, I map out the process for bringing new visitors through your website. This is done with well thought out website navigation - all roads lead to Rome, aka your call to action.

Can Include:

  • Calls-to-action on ever page - CTA's are asking for the sale
  • Contact forms - enters the potential client into your sales funnel
  • Stay in-touch systems - builds know, like and trust
  • Integrated social media - Connects you with potential clients - provides social proof for your work
  • Email registration systems - A keep in-touch system to build trust
  • Booking system - The holy grail - books an appointment online
  • PayPal integration (optional) - Closes the sale with a payment
  • eCommerce (advanced) - Closes the sale with a payment

I take care of all the technical back-end systems for you.


Once your website is up and running, I will teach you and your staff how to update the words and the pictures yourself, this way you are never relying on a third person to make changes for you.  Typically, I provide two 1 hour sessions to show you how to manage and update the website yourself.

...AND, just so you know, I install a visual editor on all my websites, so if you can use Microsoft can use the visual editor to manage your website - no coding experience needed.


Joe did a good job in building us a website that maintained our branding.

Joe did a good job in building us a website that maintained our branding. He is quick to respond and has good online marketing ideas. We're happy with the work.

Bill Macklem
Dominion Macklem Mortgages

Is that our website? It's looks great!

I was very surprised by the quality of our new website. Joe and his team did an exceptional job of maintaining our branding while creating our core messaging for our ideal clients.

Stephen Ing

This looks great! I'm very happy

I'm very happy! Joe and his team did an outstanding job. I'm pleased with how easily the website came together. What I liked most, is that he has a process that makes good use of time and delivery.

Greg Brown
Greg Brown Insurance

I now understand how using a website to educate my clients creates better conversion results.

I finally get it! Once I saw the new website and compared it to my competitors, I now understand how using a website to educate my clients creates better conversion results than an old brochure style website.

Chris Dyson
Chris Dyson Law Corp

You nailed it! We love the new website.

Again a big thank you for our new website - we love it and feel it is a direct representation of our studio and services.

Lisa and Mara
Owners: LASHFabulous Eyelash Extension Studio

I wanted something fresh and up-to-date, and Joe was able to provide that.

I wanted something fresh and up-to-date, and Joe was able to provide that. He had tons of advice and feedback for how to use the layout to my advantage, as well as many fantastic marketing tips. I am also grateful for his patience waiting for me to finish my content writing so we could get it off the ground!

Carmen Daigle
Owner – Carmens Cuisine

The site is already proving to be very useful in getting people into the store.

I’ve had great comments on the look of the website, we’re thrilled with it. The site is already proving to be very useful in getting people into the store. It’s just what we needed!

Joanne Morrison
Owner – Couch Potato Sofas

Why Work with me?

The key to successful sales and marketing is to get inside the head of your buyers. To see things from their perspective, to use their language, to answer their questions and solve their problems.

We have a saying in this industry - "You can't read the label from inside your own jar". And this is why we need to turn to someone outside of our business that has a fresh perspective and new insight. You simply can't do this yourself.

I am able to give you that perspective.

I study, evaluate and review businesses 24/7. My entire work habits are built on reviewing professional service businesses to see what works and what doesn't work.

You can work with someone who will sell you a website that is nothing more than an online brochure


You can work with someone like me who does this work everyday. I will take the time to review your business because your business is unique! I will provide you with a website tailored to your business so it converts your visitors into clients.


What's does something like this cost?

  • I will do a complete review of your business
  • An Ideal Client Profile workup
  • Core messaging development
  • Write the website content
  • Develop a mobile friendly website
  • Integrate client converting forms and systems

Website pages include: Landing page, About page, Service page(s), FAQ page, Contact page and any other custom page(s) required.

Let's not forget 2 hours of training so you can manage the website yourself.

All for a very reasonable price: Basic website $3000 to $5,000 | Medium size website $5,000 to $10,000

Are you considering working with me?

My focus is to provide you with the best client converting website possible and let the experience speak for itself.

Ready to get started? Have questions?  Contact me here.

Stop chasing leads and start attracting your ideal clients.