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Learn marketing methods to bring prospects to your website, and convert visitors to clients. Understand how to use a keep in-touch system to engage prospects after they've left your website. If this is for you, then read on.

6 Simple Ways to Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

By Joe Griffith | September 5, 2017

Chances are that your website is the most effective sales and marketing tool at your disposal. In today’s world 87% of all products and services research begins on the Internet. Even if it’s a referral…the initial contact typically begins with…

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How to Create a Referral Program That Works For You

By Joe Griffith | August 18, 2017

  You’re probably already aware of the power of referrals …Especially in the B2B world, it’s no secret that word-of-mouth referrals are among the top methods used by professional services firms get new business. A 2016 study published by the…

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The Anatomy of Creating Quizzes

By Joe Griffith | July 15, 2017

As business owners, we work hard to find methods that will keep us a strong supply of fresh leads using content marketing. The problem many of us face is figuring out which form of content is worth investing our time…

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4 Tips To Convert Website Visitors Into Warm Leads

By Joe Griffith | July 1, 2017

Think about it for a moment. Even when someone gives you a referral, what’s the first thing you do? Nowadays, your website is the central hub for all your online marketing activities. Whether your business is driven by referrals, word-of-mouth,…

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Want to know your Business Builder Style?

By Joe Griffith | June 18, 2017

  Struggling to grow your business? It might be you are using the wrong Business Building Style. Knowing what you can leverage to grow your business is the key to fast decision-making and standing out in a crowded market. But…

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Why Quizzes Can Increase Your Website Conversions by 97%

By Joe Griffith | May 20, 2017

We’ve seen them all over social media – quizzes like “Which Disney Princess Are You?” or “How Well Do You Know the Lyrics to Scottish Folk Songs?” Let’s just get the embarrassment out of the way and admit we’ve all…

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