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You practically don’t even have to lift a finger.

The DSM (Daily Social Media) service will boost your credibility, attract and engage new readers, let's get started!

I’ll be candid: Some people don’t need me. For some people, just performing random acts of social media posts with service offers and inspirational messages is enough. If you have the technical know-how or lots of time on your hands, you can post content all day long. This kind of social media tactic is known as – broadcasting. 80% of businesses are just broadcasting content that does nothing to acquire new readers or clients.

…If, however, your goal is to actually gain new blog readers, social engagement and of course the holy grail – new clients, then you may want to consider your options. Inbound marketing is a strategy used to post content that attracts visitors to your website.

Most people aren’t social media nerds like me. If you’re a business owner, you probably don’t have tons of time, the skills to start tinkering around with the different platforms or creating a social media strategy that will actually work!

You have better things to do. You have a business to run, and social media marketing isn’t your business.

It’s mine.

Introducing social media done for you with - DSM

With the launch of the Daily Social Media service, I take the hassle of daily social media off your hands with a complete done-for-you solution so you’re free to focus on running your business.

Extend your influence with more readers

I use the best of your blog content to write, schedule and post daily social media updates carefully crafted to get more traffic to your site.

More Time = More Freedom

Stop wasting valuable time with complicated scheduling software or experimenting with the latest traffic building gimmick. DSM frees you up to do what you do best - run your business.

DSM is like having your own dedicated marketing team

I take the time to know your target audience, understand your personality and plan how to best promote you. DSM is like having a dedicated marketing team, but without the training, big expense or management for just $197/month.

Will DSM work for your business?

If you want to attract prospects to your site you have three choices:

  • Pay for complicated scheduling software that has to be constantly fed with content.
  • Hire an expensive agency or try to outsource the work overseas.
  • Spend your evenings doing it yourself.

Not great choices, right?

That's why I created a done-for-you solution that promotes your blog every single day at a very affordable price. Within 3 days of signing up I will get busy publishing daily inbound marketing post to Facebook & LinkedIn - and 4 times a day to Twitter.

It’s that simple - you publish the blog, I do the rest. Stuck for blogging content? I can help with that too.

Attract more Prospects to your website.

DSM Account $197/month

(+$197 onboarding fee)


(offer valid until Feb 27, 2018)

Here's what's included

  • Daily social media posts crafted from your blog content published to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • 4 Tweets crafted from your blog content published to your Twitter account daily
  • Original social media posts from selected high-traffic media/blogger sites (curated content)
  • 26 week inbound marketing strategy
  • Quarterly analysis and updates
  • Month-to-month account, cancel anytime

Note: I do not outsource overseas or use mindless software. All of my posts are hand-crafted by me and double-checked for accuracy, image pulled, and hashtags

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