Podcast #3 – taking your business to the next level.

Podcast - Episode #3 with business coach John Cameron

I speak with business coach John Cameron, owner of Rock Solid Business Coaching. John talks about what it means to take your business to the 'next level' and how to do an assessment of your business to see if your ready to take the leap.

Too often business owners get ahead of themselves and fall into the trap of expanding or trying to do more without having all the pieces in place. John walks us through the process of what we need to consider before scaling up.

John Cameron, owner at Rock Solid Business Coaching.

Since 2001 John has been helping business-people build companies that perform the way the owners want them to. His highly effective Company Strength Program gets results for all stages of growth from start-up to succession.

Contact John Cameron

website: https://www.rock-solid-business-coach.com/

email: info@rock-solid-business-coach.com

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